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Prevent damaged teeth from breaks and decay

Dental Crowns in Queensland : Smile with confidence!

Kathleen’s Dental Crowns Journey

Rebuilding a smile is all about Experience, Bespoke Artistic Approach and Attention to Detail.
The goal is to restore Function and Esthetics. That’s exactly what we strive for

Before Dental Crowns

Post Dental Crowns

Dental Problems: Discolored and defective old fillings, worn out teeth, aged smile
Our Approach: Smile rejuvenation with porcelain crowns and veneers

Patrick’s Tooth Crown Journey

Before Dental Crowns

Post Dental Crowns

Dental Problems: Missing front tooth, gaps and uneven front teeth
Our Approach: Bone Grafting, Dental Implant, porcelain veneers & crowns and laser gum lift

Candidates for a Dental Crown

How Much Does A Tooth Crown Cost

A single dental crown can cost anywhere between $800-$2,000 depending on the type of crown that best suits your needs. However, the final price comes down to individual circumstance, how many teeth you’re getting dental crowns for, and a range of other factors.

At Barolin, we’ll tailor our services to match your dental needs while keeping our prices of tooth crown as low as possible. For more information on teeth caps prices and service costs, contact our team of dentist crown experts today.


Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about Crown

No, getting a dental crown is not painful as your dentist will give you a local anaesthetic to numb the area.

It may be uncomfortable to sit in the chair with your mouth open during treatment, but you can put your hand up for a break at any time.

Yes. A dental crown can greatly improve the strength, health, and appearance of your natural tooth. It is a good solution for a number of issues, so be sure to discuss getting a crown with your dentist. They may be able to offer alternative solutions such as dental veneers, or explain why a crown is the best option for your needs.

A dental crown usually costs anywhere from $1,300 to $2,000 per tooth in Australia, depending on factors such as the material and how many crowns you’re getting.

Getting a dental crown is a common and highly safe procedure. The most common side effects are tenderness around the site following each procedure, which will go away in a day or so and can be managed with over-the-counter pain medication in the meantime.

It is also possible to experience discomfort when the anaesthesia wears off. In this case, you will need to visit your dentist as soon as possible, as the crown may need to be better shaped to your tooth. This is not a common side effect but is something to be aware of.

Over time, it is possible that your dental crown chips, breaks, or even comes off. This is not common but can happen due to wear and tear, and can largely be avoided with good care. Should this occur, your dentist will either fix and reattach the crown, or have a new one made.

Dental crowns are a permanent solution, but they can wear down over time. Typically, crowns will last in the decades, for at least 20 years before showing signs of wear and tear.

Should your crown fail, it is a simple matter of having it replaced with a new one.

Good care, including good dental hygiene habits and avoiding hard sweets or biting hard materials, will help your dental crown to last as long as possible.