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Your Visit to the Dentist

Soon you will have an appointment to visit the dentist

Visiting the dentist is fun!

When you get to the dentist you will walk through big glass doors and into the waiting room.

Once inside, there will be a lady at the desk and you must tell her you have arrived for your appointment.

Then, you may sit on the chairs.

When it is your turn to see the dentist, a lady will call your name and walk you to the room.

Inside the dentist's room, you will see…..

The dentist

The special chair

A light

The dental tools

You will hear the air conditioner buzzing, and it might feel cold…
You will be ok =)

You will lie back in the dental chair so the dentist can see your teeth and count them. You will be OK =)

The dentist will have a light on her head, it will be bright. You will need to wear cool sunglasses.

You will see a lady on the computer, she will be typing how many teeth you have. How many teeth do you think you have???

When the dentist has checked and counted all your teeth You are finished!

Just Make An Appointment!